For a change (and also because Zoe is away this week) I recorded the Prick Up Your Ears Podcast with Robin Smith which was quite a lot of fun. It was nice to have someone actually in front of me while we did the podcast as he was in the same room, something I’m looking forward to on the longest podcast.

I also had a lovely day meeting people at Park Campus on a random. They met Finn whih was pretty cool, he had 2 gingerbread men thanks to my friend Nicole. It was really funny watching him react to people i used to see all the time. I went to see Nicole to catch up but what always happens is other people go past or see us and come over and say hi, which is really nice. Missing all of them though.

Tomorrow… my tooth is being taken out. I’m dreading it because the last time “I got shot 9 times, plow plow plow” kept coming out my mouth. Groan. Thanks 50cent. 5anks.


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