Productive day

I’ve had a pretty productive day today. I’ve been a good and looked at the things that need sorting for the longest podcast. I’ve not finished tidying my stuff yet though.

I ticked off getting in touch with Audioboom, and we’ll have a new banner on the top of the Sound Gorillas page by tomorrow. Also I finally finished and uploaded the latest* podcast. I also made the previously mentioned banner, had a long conversation with Jelmer ipthis afternoon and set up things that will be uploaded to the website tomorrow.

And things are set to be busy again even though i have Finn I’m managing to get on with stuff. As I have Finn in the day I’ve ended up playing with him for most of the time he is awake. I’ve got a couple of jobs to apply for, a couple of promos, a video, some emails to semd off and a couple of other things to do by Friday and looking on schedule.

My life is so action packed.

*= latest as in recorded on the first week of April and passed off as more recent than it actually is.


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