Spring cleaning

So today I did a spot of spring cleaning. Well sort of anyway. We decided that the spring cleaning will be gradually done, but I’ve removed some of the crap from he kitchen so now it looks more like a kitchen and not like a warehouse full of reject things.

I have a massive box of things that needs to be sorted out. I threw out a bunch of old notes, but I read through some of them before binning them. I felt bad about doing it a little, but Id used them all, or they were notes during my Tone shows, i think it was more memories.

There was one note that stuck in my head though. In my first year of uni I wasn’t into pro tools. I did all my work using audition until the second year when I got pro tools. I think in the first or second semester and I went up to Yorkshire, met with my uncle Tom, and over drinking some foxes vodka (foxes fruit sweets and vodka that we had been experiencing with) we had a conversation about firstly a story about a nightclub where people were liquified as an experience and they danced around on the floor as different colours and they come out back as people at the end, but one night the cleaners threw some dirty water in with the “Splodgers” and they had to close the club down until they sorted out how to make the people come back. Then Tom explained that he had a dream where I was using the computer while editing… and said that in the dream the editing programme looked like this…


Here’s a screen shot of the Prick Up Your Ears podcast…


They’re quite similar. Anyway I just thought it was really weird that it was kind of what he saw then. But yeah, that’s all thrown now.

Right…  Time for bed.


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