It’s Saturday and not really loads to report back on, not many long silly thoughts. This afternoon we went to The Harvester with Aphre’s parents to celebrate Aphre’s new job. It was nice but evey time we go there the service is utterly crap. Yes when we went in there was a little wait, it was a long-ish wait but nothing really valid to count as too reasonable – but had to waitfor her to clean a table before seated to be honest I’d have thought that cleaning the table would be a priority in order to be prepared and not looking like a messy place.

The woman guided us to a table of four… even though there were 4 and Finn… not really sure how she thought Finn would be eating… the high chair doesn’t have a tray so he’d have to have been squeezed in between us… so we suggested another part of the restaurant.

It turns out that part isnt table waited for some reason and one of the tables hadnt been cleaned for the whole time we were there. We had no cutlery so Aphre’s mum went to get some. There was none left in the drawer, and by this time we’d gone and got the salad, and had to wait 15 minutes until they actually came with some. Apperently there wasn’t any left, which is odd because the place wasnt full, but they were obviously short staffed.

Dinner came, which wasnt too bad regarding being served. It jusy felt really unorganised. I’d love to be like a Gorfon Ramsey about it. That would be a new tv show a little like kitchen nightmares but improvig big chains.

It was nice to go for a meal anyway… it just niggled me. Right i suppose it’s time for dinner.


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