I suppose it’s time to blog

Ok, ok so like last time I will occasionally /mostly release thr blog after midnight, it’s still daily so shush.

I have been editing the podcast today. It’s not been going bad, I’ve nearly done it. He’res a secret for you. We didn’t record one this week. Zoe wasn’t well. I’m editing the one that we didn’t release and attempting to pass it off as this week. There’s no date references in it and it’s actually not a bad recording, Zoe’s going to Wales next week for a comedy festival so I’m hoping that we can get one done before she goes.

Back to now and other than editing it has been otherwise quiet. Again, i had another facebook conversation with someone about things that I’m hoping has cleared the air.

I watched W1A yesterday. I kind of like it, but i find some of the dialogue annoying, really annoying. I feel like I should love it but there was an element of annoyness all the way through that I was struggling to get over.

Anyway I’m up waiting for Aphre to come home. Withnail and I is on Channel 4 again so chilling and watching it in zombie state, knowing i will have to get up tomorrow morning when  Finn wakes up. So much craving for a lay in but I don’t think it will be happening any time soon.


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