Do I look like an alcoholic?

Ok so since the other day when I was at the dentist and also at the chemist getting my medicine I’ve had a question on my mind that’s making me feel a little self conscious… is it standard procedure to tell the patient to not drink alcohol at every part of the interaction process?

I mean… I don’t really drink alcohol much. If i were to measure it monthly I’d say I have no mkre than a pints worth a month if any. It’s usually when I go out to meet a friend or something. Anyway I just find it really… I dunno even what the word is. Demoralising? Offended? I am unsure, the idea is that if it’s because it’s me then i don’t like it, if it’s just because they have to then that’s ok.

The general idea of it is that I’m taking antibiotics that don’t have penacillin in them because I’m slightly allergic to it. The tablets are gross by the way. I had some normal tablets before (which ended up having a bad effect on me) so now I have to take these big nuclear yellow slabs big enough to eclipse the sun and taste like eating a desolving dust cock (probably) as it goes down. I have to drink the water mega quick. Don’t be allergic. The good side is i need to eat before hand, which means the sponge cake Aphre made is getting smaller every time instead of being thrown away.

But every time it’s been “don’t drink alcohol”. Everyone seems to think i drink for some reason. Some people I’ve seriously had to sit down with them and say… uhhh… no. We have like 4 bottles of wine in he fridge and most of the christmas alcohol is still in the cupboard including 3 tiny bottles of JD, most of a bottle of black jack shots and some budweiser that hasnt seen the light of day for 5 months. Luckily for the drinker they have stayed in the fridge so they will be nice and cold.

Anyway in other news Aphre had some mire job news today which is good, as I await to hear from people. Also strangely there was a bird in our living room today, I think it was a Robin. It purched on the curtain and flew around in a circle. Finn was having breakfast in the room just watching it and giggling, acting like there was nothing out of the ordinary and rather calm. At one point he lit a cigar. He didn’t but he would have if we lived in advert universe. Although there were no alien kidnapping today, the bird fills the quota.


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