The typical day

So today was a typical day. There’s not much to one of those but it is worth explaining mainly for the perposes of imagin art (a picture I paint in your head via explination).

About 7am. The boy awakens. Aphre tells me he is awake but to be honest I will have already heard him as i automatically wake up 5 minutes before Aphre’s alarm and if I’m lucky I can stay in bed until his chirps become groans. I will have a long stretch then get up. He will usually require a nappy change and toast… whether that be with some spread, or honey, or pate or the new discovery – rasberry jam.

Aphre is at this point rushing around getting ready not having clothes ready… putting on clothes on a feeling whether they look right that day which is a thing I highly approve as I do this too.

Aphre leaves just as the boy watches either the Furchester Hotel, or everything’s rosie and Kate and mimim that Finn is watching on cbeebies. The boy has a bottle and watches tv for a bit until his chirps change to groans.

I start working on things – mostly sound gorillas, or finding a job while he eats. I pluck the boy out his high chair brushing off the crumbs, wipe him with baby wipes and plonk him on the floor. He goes round the and round the cajon on the living room floor, regularly standing up and tapping on it. I play with him for a bit then put him in his pigpen so he can play with his robot bear that sings and stuff, and tap around on some of his toys… until his chirps change to groans and wants to go to sleep… about 9.30. That gives me time to work untik about 12ish.

The waking up bit for Finn is similar to the morning. Get him up, watch the news, put the boy in his chair, food, bottle/drink, floor plonk, cajon, play, pigpen, chirp, grown, nappy change, sleep about 2.30/3pm. I go back to work, probably editing a podcast or writing some stupid sketch or editing.

At 4.45 he wakes up all happy again. Put him on the floor and this time he is curious about what I do, so starts tapping on my laptop or on the cajon or licking my feet have a play until about 5.45/6.15 when i feed him dinner. Aphre is back at 6.30 and Finn jumps all over her when she sits down, and then attempts to run away, picking up his bottle, watching it roll away, crawl around the living room until hes tired and goes to bed at 7 when In the Night Garden finishes. This was slightly different today due to various reasons I won’t go into.

Evening at either Aphre and I watch tv or I work on things that i couldn’t do the day and that’s about it.  Sorry it’s not that exciting and no aliens came and took us away. Maybe tomorrow.


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