Interesting day

So today has been a bit of an odd one, mainly because of the feeling of the day rather than events. I’m going to try make is quick so I shut up and go to sleep.

I sent someone an email today that I’ve not really spoken to for like 5ish years. It was nice to have a reply back. Then Aphre got her job which is bloody awesome and I’m so proud of her. Then  later in the evening had a chat with Robin (for new readers we went to uni together and did various shows with our dutch mate Jelmer). We’re hoping to record something next week for about an hour while Finn sleeps. It’s mainly so we can actually spend some time together as we’ve not done that since leaving uni in June.

The feeling of today kind of feels like that it may have… I dunno. The thought in my head is like things that happened today that were not massively big removed some groggy rainclouds that seemed to be lingering and hopefully the start of a new stage of something but I’m not really sure on what that might be, but it’s left me with a weird hmm thing going on. Maybe it’s a thing only I get.


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