A Spare 5 minutes

Hey! So I guess it’s been a little time since the last blog. I tend to write them on my pad but the past couple of weeks my pad broke… yeah the new one to replace the one that broke. Dammit Samsung, I like you but why have I had 2 Galaxy Tabs break in a row exactly the same way. The Tab 2 broke when it was in my hands saying “I’m running out of battery” so I go to plug it in and it dies before I get chance. The Tab 3 did the same… I actually paid to get that one repaired though. It’s coming back on Friday.

Talking of things dieing in my hand a story I mentioned in my podcast is still in my head… when I was a kid a bird died and we gave it a burial, very sad. let’s lift the mood…

Just finished recording a podcast with Zoe, which is always fun. I’m hoping this week we can get some attention from Audioboom as they have been a little scarce for the Prick Up Your Ears support, which isnt good because at the moment it’s one of the main things we do and it’s topical. I had a spare 5 minutes to actually update this on a computer for once. What’s also weird is that I’m using a Keyboard you actually have to press down on the keys instead of just tapping them… I feel like I’ve gone back in time. I’m not sure if I would do anything differently, I’d definatly act differently in places and make less careless mistakes, maybe even say things I should have said and not the stuff I did say, show more consideration, be more understanding. I guess it’s easy to say that now, but things are alright now.

Anyway reeling it back in, We’re on the second series of The Prick Up Your Ears Podcast, just recorded episode 2 and you can hear the last one at http://www.soundgorillas.co.uk/prickupyourears

Anyway that be it for now. I’ll try and update again before my pad works again but to be honest going onto a computer and writing is kind of odd now I’ve done it on my pad, and is portable so can write when I have a spare 5 minutes.


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