Post 641 the first blog of 2015

This time last year I was on post 517 so that means i must have done127 posts in the last year.

I looked back at last year’s post to see how far I’ve came. Code red 3 still needs finishing but its a completely different episode now and it means half of episode 4 is written. Also still doing the podcast with Zoe and got loads of family stuff going on with the arival of Finn, Ruby being here more and having Aphre keep me company until she goes back to work. Plus looking for relevant work myself and doing my own projects, but at least before we resime the podcast I will be doing some admin work and script writing for sound gorillas, so code red 3 will hopefully be written by the end of January.

The last year has been cool, had some highs and lows like every year has. I bet if you were to survey the highs and lows in ones life they would be an average of a straight line, depending on the thickness of the line.., wait no because if I did one in bic biro, and e other in a gala bingo dabber it would still be the same wibbley but fatter. I’m going off on one now, but i think what I’m getting at is that a general everyday person has them so its not weird or anything.

The final night of my 2014 was spent with Aphre at the White Horse chinese food restaurant with her friend Fran, her Boyfriend Chris and my friend and former uni colleague Stephen (he did one of the main voices on Code Red). He kept us up to date on who was dead, reminded us that Thunderbirds was coming back and asked if we ever heard of a programme called Pinky and The Brain which we all did. It was really nice to see him, and he stayed over at mine ’til about 1am watching the dreadful programme on bbc1 to do with that person singing all the queen songs with queen, but not actually being as good as Freddie Mercury or even George Michael. He sounded like he wanted to be a rubbish mix of the two.

Today was spent having fun with Finn and watching Arrow and eating chocolate with Aphre. We’re done with series 1 and just started on Episode 2 of series 2. Our Internet has been off the last few days too so netflix and now tv have been untouched. They must feel lonely.

What’s 2015 going to bring? I’ll be doing my predictions tomorrow. Yayyyyyyy. I should see if i can dig out the old ones probably on this blog. It’s in it’s 10th year in september (i think) by the way.

It’s bedtime now so go to sleep.


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