Wrap God

So today has been a nice little day full of Christmas shopping and at the end of it, wrapping everything. The only issue is that its nearly 2am (and the police helicopter is flying around) and I think I’m going to feek the effects of the late night tomorrow, especially as i have to go to the range or somewhere like it and get some chairs or stools or something so my other family members have somewhere to sit.

Ruby is down over Christmas and she came shopping with us, we also went to Frankie and Bennies for lunch in Cheltenham.

Wrapping presents has been fun, me trying to hide what I’ve got for Aphre as i wrap it next to her, and her hiding it from me (althought I’m not really a peeker, I enjoy not knowing so I prefer not to see whats being wrapped of mine. I’m particularly pleased with one present, which i wont go into too much but I used the left over paper shreddings from my (now dead) paper shredder and some old code red scripts /scrap paper as a holder to keep the stuff I’ve put in a box, just to keep things in place.

Anyway it’s time for bed now. Byeeeeee


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