Ok firstly the title here is a bit over dramatic and not necessarily how id discribe the supermarket B&M, but it worked and I was there today.

I had to buy some stools for the Christmas dinner, so we can get an many people around a table as possible. As soon as i walked out the store one of the seats tore. I wasn’t sure if i could say “just got outside your door and it ripped” and ask for another, but i didnt anyway. Finn hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and last night he was up at 2, 4.30, and 6.30. It doesn’t help that hes in our room when Ruby is over but still also ment that I was up sorting him and trying to keep Aphre asleep because I’m nice.

The last few days we’ve been showing Ruby the importance of puns. Aphre is really good at them, and I generally make bad ones. I’ve taken to the phrase “that was a pun” after some of them, and also having to explain why.

Anyway I’m off getting an early bed time… as soon as Finn stops noising.


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