I recommend it!

Today has been a nice little day, not much going on but I’ve lots of fun doing it. This morning (and yesterday morning) I’ve been looking after Finn and having a morning routine with him, which i enjoy. It consists of waking up, watching Thomas the Tank Engine on netflix, and giving him breakfast til about 11.30/12, when he falls asleep for 2-3 hours, back up and a smaller sleep from 4-5. Its pretty boring in the way I describe it but actually it’s nice. It means making him giggle and talking to him, tipping him upside down and watching him litterally download a jar of fruit based baby breakfast at such a crazy speed, its like The Flash just ate it.

On that note, I’ve been watching The Flash on sky. I would recommend it to EVERYONE! It’s a really good storyline and I’m properly hooked. I want tonwatch Arrow also but I want to watch it from series 1 episode 5 which is how far I’ve got. It’s not on TV at the moment,  series 3 is on sky but I like it enough to 1) not let the later series ruin it for me and 2) hope that it’s on Santa’s list. I think sky is on episode 4 of the Flash now, so seriously find a way to catch up.

Other than that stuff, (and watching the latest episode of The Flash) and watching some more Arrested Development on Netflix (Aphres getting me into it so we can watch the latest series)  today’s been chilled, playing with my tablet and thinking of ideas. Aphre’s friends were round for apprentice night, and had a nice dinner, I didn’t have to take a break from editing. I normally edit on wednesday and  evening because the Podcast takes a while to edit.

Anyway I’m mega tired so sleep time it is 🙂


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