In Days gone by

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’m going with my media career and the drive in me finally getting to the point where i should address it so I can properly forget about it… and I did,

The other day I emailed the person who said I’d never get i to radio. His name is Neil. He is a really nice chap, and back when I was rraininfor my NVQ in warehouse it was his job to do some clases to help the guys and gals with problems with numbers or words, and maybe the more shyer people at the centre.

I took in my audio and played it to people who seemed to emjoy it. Durinone meeting he said i have a zest in the way I think of things, and in another meeting after listening to one of my tapes, told me that i wouldn’t get into radio – however I did question whether he actually meant it or not. Deep down I feel like he did say it to boost me a little, but also maybe to nit get my hopes up. It didn’t matter because from then on i strived to make sure I did it.

13 years later I graduate from University in Radio production. I had a Job interview with to be honest, a really good company to work for and I’m shortlisting job interviews now for positions in the radio industry.

It was starting to annoy me because although im getting shortlisted, I’m not getting work yet, and then Neil’s words kept ringing. I emailed him and said hi, hope he was well and told him where I was. He was pleased – I was pleased he replied – and had a chat about what was said. Anyway I explained that I didn’t think any bad if him and his words helped me to get where I needed. It was nice to catch up… even if its just an email.

I waited all weekend to hear back from my most recent interview. It was at Key 103 in Manchester for Bauer media as an imaging producer. It would have been a nice little job but I didn’t get it… so theres another job waiting for me somewhere. I had to do some production tasks… which I will put up (kind of… with mine and Zoe’s  voice instead of the official bauer imaging) on the podcast when we record it. It’s the christmas one so hopefully will be cool.

Anyway with all the thinking and knkwing id nit got the job, and not being told on friday, I started looking back at all my old radio stuff and how far I’d come. I am making somethinwith the best bits so I might release it soon. In the meantime… laters yooo


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