Busy boy

So last night Finn hadn’t been so great. He is teething and you can actually feel the sharp little toothy poking out through his gum and I wouldn’t be suprised if it was rather hurty.

I’d been dropping on the Philip Scofathon programme because it’s interesting to see how that works. I managed to watch the comedy bit at like 3.30am. I’m interested to see how talking and entertaining for that long has an effect of the voice. It doesn’t seem to have effected him in that respect too much.

Right, a busy day now of editing, later another podcast recording which I’m looking forward to – I always do. I’m still editing last weeks mainly because of graduation, the the job stuff and taking the weekend ro have some family rest. It’s the final podcast of the year so technicly its the christmas one which I will miss doing over the christmas period, but gives me time to have with the family and arrange plans for next years ideas.


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