Swell Time

Ok so I seem to have gone back to the way I used to do a blog, every so often but It’s not exactly one of lifes priorities at the moment.

I’ve been totally over the top grouchy for a number of reasons. One of those being that since my last blog about my teeth I’ve made an emergency appointment to the dentist about it and they have given me antibiotics – something I’ve mentioned i dont usually do well on in the past – and although it was yesterday i started them, I’ve yet to see an improvement. However I have been taking pain killers that give me a slight reaction but I’d rather this than have a sore mouth. The dentist man also put a huge chunk of white stuff in my mouth to stop my whole problem and has said either i can have it out, or root canal. I think I’d rather have it out but it would be nice to prepare myself for that first. 

Life in general has been a bit on the Grumpy side recently. Caveman (The old landlord) seems to be taking his time to get the deposit back to me which is putting pressure on the new landlord. Because I’ve been ill I’ve not been able to show Aphre how much i care and actually go and do things and visit places.

Anyway I need to go and make jingles so I’m not doing it next week 

Latersss 😀


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