Today and all day i have been discovering new pains across my body. Without sounding too much like Marvin the paranoid android and the diodes down his left side, It feels like i have been beaten up twice down my right side.


Well i DJ’d at Pitville campus last night and it was proper fun. I actually had a good night and although it was tough getting back it didn’t ruin my night. The journey back was the issue. See it is all snowy here. It had been snowing all day and we spent the day doing a snow day broadcast on tone radio. On the way back from the gig, i fell over twice. At the time it was just my leg that was hurty and i did something to my hand. It seems to have been ok since i warmed up but is still rather hurty. I think though that when i went down i fell harder than i thought and the laptop may have dug into my side because I’m totally aching and i think i might have bruised my bones on the indoors. My knee is still swolen but it doesn’t hurt so much now but some of it is numb. Sleeping on my dad side might not have been the best thing either.

Anyway i have been watching Fawlty Towers all evening doing my assignment. I think its time for bed now though.

Oh and i had a weird dream last night. I drempt that i found a bit of plastic behind one of my teeth so i pilled it and it was a blue white and red string which was there for some unknown reason. I kept pulling it until it came out. It was attached to all my bottom teeth and my teeth moved but the rope didn’t seem to keep them in, just stopped them from wobbeling.

Right… BED!


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