im in the bed

so im in bed now for an early bed time. the chances r i will be laid here awake for a bit. but its better than watching tv. the last few days iv actually felt quite good. i think sleep and rest might be the answer to a lot of things at the moment. stay off drink, just be positive really. it might be a bit selfish too… but i normally get concerned with other people and hope they are ok and try and help them thru things but i need to let them get on with it and not care. my door is  closed and my ears are shut. its me time now!

My landlord came round today. it was the second time i’ve really seen him like he was… in a cocky aggressive “im boss” way and it was rather entertaining. when u have an uncle like bob back in the day… well it helps. he was very bob like and i think its mostly for show because id spoke and emailed him twice before his visit and he was like i not spoke to him for like forever. im a little late on the rent… what does he expect? student finance dont come thru till later in the month. i figured ages ago the best way to be is that everything is an exaduration and dont take his comments personal, although he really shud be careful just incase his tennents have problems like depression or anxity because that cud hav bad conciquences lol.

Anyway he asked me to explain the fridge to him. Sometimes when i get put on the spot my chest goes tight and i find it hard to breathe out… its a panic response even tho i hav nothing to worry about. i used to get it in class alot but i learnt to calm down or get used to the situation. so him coming without prior warning, storming and nit picking. still it was funny. not sure if i like him yet.

right. i need to sleep. so latersss!


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