The Shower Room

So i just had a shower… this happens regularly. Its not a special thing. Anyway this room has got to be the worst room i’ve had to experience in history. Actually no thinking about it the spider filled shed in purton was spooky. It even had snakes. This shower room in not filled with snakes or spiders or any other creepys. Its just got a shower. Nothing else, and its a small room too.

It makes me think how it could be restructured. Last month it was part of the main bathroom which is right next to it. This houses a sink, toilet and another shower. So they decided to put another door in. The enterence to these rooms are via the living room. Yeah… practical right?

So leave the doors open you see everything. The living room/communal area only has 2 tv ports and the doors are in weird places so really the only place to put the TV is where they put the new door so you have to walk behind the TV to get to the toilet and make sure you close the door all the time or the whole place smells. This “new” shower room though… You can shower in it obviously but its pretty small to get dressed in and everything gets wet when you come out the shower cause theres nowhere to put your clothes. For practicality the only other use for this room other to have a shower would be if we needed some sort of fall out shelter from the protect and survive stuff during the cold war.

Todays plans then. Do work i should have, find work that pays and be positive. Whoo!

Anyway i better get some breakfast/lunch


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