Month of silence

Hey there, thought I would drop by and say hi while i was here checking my stats of whose had a look at the blog and stuff.

I’ve had an eventful few weeks kind of. same old stuff in a way but i had Ruby for a week. She seems to have learnt the word “Invalid” which means “no hands”. Im very tired… as it seems is usual. Not been feelin to chirpy but hey it happens. 
Uni is starting again in a few weeks. im hoping to have sorted these sleep things out by then because i really need to get next year sorted. Going back as a second year is going to feel mega weird. 
On the female front… no change really. Was talking to one girl but she is in some sort of open relationship with her ex or something and another one i was speaking to has fallen for someone else so thats me out. These people randomly got in touch on a dating website i was on ages ago, so it was just chance they messaged. I’m still getting unwanted attention and the person i want to talk to and spend time with… well i dont think i should go there. All i will say though is that i miss them fucking loads. Sam and Rich hav been givin me advice too and the weekend just gone I’ve had ex (and friend) Sammie come round over the weekend
Which leads me onto what the hell frankie and bennies do with their pizzas! They put it on a podium… Why??? Yes i admire that you put plenty of rockit on the pizza but you didnt have to put it on a podium so it pokes you in the eye and that every word i spoke was spoken all over a pizza. they even brought a camp man specially to put it on the table and offer us stuff. 

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