R.o.b.i.n.s p.i.s.s.e.d.o.f.f

so just got bk from the headphone disco and were talking about worms. the can shall not be opened. but its obvious robin is not a happy chappy.hopefully after the stress of the tent being brought down he will b ok. this swiftly moved on from talking to him about worms and cans to talking to my self then not at talking all because i wasnt listening to myself. on the plus side i saw the girl who lost her phone that i found – Racheal. and another who was dancing around with me (jo) who said she enjoyed my dancing hehe. any negative comments that may have been mentioned by anyone else were like water off a ducks back because i had a good time. i kinda was a bit down today but i had a sleep and woke up energetic. i was havning a down moment.
anyway i am gona try n sleep and try and be more bareable to my friend in the morning. just remember… its christmas. (it is cause the dj played 2 xmas songs. proof!)

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