World Music

I do think long and hard before putting a video up. The first thing that happens is i find something really pantsy and then go mad on the other things in my head. I thought pan pipes at first… then that linked to the song “The lonely shepard” from kill bill – then randomly went on to the video you see above (The Fry’s Turkish Delight ad) obviously hand made by ex-class mate Elsa Fry 20 years before she was a pip – and i don’t think she’s Turkish much so they lied on that one. sorry guys.
Missed the lesson by the way due to too much sleep/lack of sleep. Not sure whether you could blame it down to that i needed more sleep or that i hadnt had enough.
Something i forgot to mention last night – When i got back from my social last night at about midnight, I found the gate, front door, and a bedroom door wide open. When i looked in the room there was my house mate conked out with his clothes on backwards. Trousers half way down. Snoring loud enough to wake the county. It either looked like:
1 – He staggerd home with great difficulty, and too drunk to realise he should of closed the door
2 – Got in, got pissed, someone burst in, gave him bum love and left as quick as they came.
I assumed option 1. When he woke up he told me about that his clothes were backwards because he was being the backwards man from the film Freddie got fingered. He also discovered that he’d some how baught a chicken sandwich on the way home and his belt was missing – adding more points to the bum love possibility.

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