Stress on legs

God am i getting really stressy.

Just been in the benifits office for ages trying to get a discount on council tax. I’ve been pissed off since the last 2 weeks. The Lodger and best mate Dave is being a right spanner. He’s been getting loads of wages from work lately and due to complications he didnt have any money since i got back from swindon. He’s paid me his rent since then and everything should of been sorted. I got £120 off him, went out wednesday to Visage & Ethos in huddersfield and i ended up spending £45, i only was going to spend 25 but stuff happened, wasnt my fault. Dave needed a piss on the bus so we had to get off the bus half way there or he’d burst, Then the taxi back costed more that i was expecting. Caroline and i still ended up paying most of it.

He started going on about that he has no money (Getting £500 on monday and now only having £100 on a wednesday to drink with and everyone paid off, he was being stingy. he only spent £30) Made me buy him a drink, i didnt even need to. Im annoyed now with all this shit. i don’t need any more.

Bills are still piling up and Community Radio Swindon cannot be discussed right now. I have seen someone from phoenix in halifax again and i should be doing some stuff for them, putting songs on an empty Myriad system… Uh oh. Going to take a while.

Bob’s been round. Thinks the flat smells, i think its his nose.

Caroline and claire are waiting 4 me now so id better be off. L8rz

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