Phone calls and disciplinarys

Well Disciplinary Day. Just had my Fiance’s diciplinary and was mostly streight forward. Just nearing the end i had a phone call from a friend who’s just realised that we’re not allowed to take Advertising or sponsership if a community radio station station is to go on air in swindon. I wanst clearly aware about this so spoke to another friend who’s Incharge of our application and was updated on the situation.

Obviously something like this is not good… Because how do to make money on the radio if you cant advertise, The BBC have a TV licence bringing in money. There are millions of homes in the UK who pay the TV licence… They all pay about a £130 a year to legally watch TV, for every million people who have a TV licence they get one-hundred-and-thirty-million quid, thats a lot of cash, wish that was in my bank. Anyway unless we can make some sort of charge for community radio (Think about that ofcom) to fund community radio its gonna be a scrape. i can see a penny pot in the studio and the dj screaming “WE’RE GOING UNDER… GIVE US CASH!!! IF WE WERE DOING IT IN THE OLD DAYS OUR SHIP WOULD BE SINKING!!! GIVE GIVE GIVE!!! heres S club 7”.

I have plans anyway, which may include my F.W.O.I.T (Fiance Worried of I.D Thieft) whos apperently a genius at fund raising.

Speeking of Genius people… Richard Grace called me a “Self proclaimed Genius” I didnt say i was a Genius and never have done, i just know my stuff and i’m pretty wonderful at what i do at sound editing. However people have said i’m a Genius, Thats a personal Opinion, If someone says i’m a wanker it’s a personal opinion. I have a raw tallent (Not at wanking, at being an audio editor) so there you go. I’m off to find out if i’ve been fired or if i’l be quitting.

C ya l8rz

One thought on “Phone calls and disciplinarys

  1. oh dear mr jonathan robinson anin’t u in trouble when ur fiance reads that sees a genius at fundraising.message from the unknown big brother is watching u from the person you least expect to write this message.ZIG AND ZAG XXX

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