Ok , so today i’ve had my last Big Mac for a long time. I’m not really a big McDonald’s kind of guy because I do believe that u cant have too much (And watched super-size me)

The Reason for this is simple. McDonald’s always do try to keep a high standard of quality when it comes to satisfaction, and also try their best to ensure that the food is tasty and stuff. However I’ve been un-satisfied too much. I’ve not mentioned this to McDonald’s, as it wouldn’t change anything. For Instance, here is a picture of the box of a big mac. They advertise this in the window and on TV, Which makes it look tasty and want one.

and then you open the box and find this.

During our kids night we get some food in, by the time we get the food the fries are cold. This is understandable as they have to go to KFC as well. But even if they went to KFC first the chips are cold and floppy. Anyway then when you get the burger it doesn’t look as good as it does on the packet. In fact if it didn’t have a packet, and I was served it on a plate in the restaurant, I probably wouldn’t eat it because it looks nasty. It just looks like it was banged together in a rush. If Ronald McDonald walked into one of his restaurants he’d have a fit and go on a sacking spree. An angry frown behind his painted smile. This is just not our local one, this is various restaurants around the country, so until this improved I have vowed to not have a big Mac.

So just to show that I have not always thought this… I will tell u a story about my 1st big Mac (This don’t mean I’m a fast food junkie by the way)

In 1995 (I was 11) I went into McDonald in Swindon with my brother and my (Then) step-dad Steve. He was on his break (He was a Bus Driver and we was with him for the day) and offered us anything we wanted. Instead of having a happy meal, just to see what he’d say I said “Can I have a big Mac?” he said ok, I was shocked! Then he asked Ben and he wanted one too! So we got it all and sat down and me and Ben was giggling because the advert on the TV was a man looking at a big mac and slowly going towards his mouth… don’t know why that was funny, but we was going on about what if he choked or if it fell out of his mouth. Anyway it looked almost like it did on the advert, and I’m sure it was bigger, a proper big macca Big Mac. The fries were good and the milk shake was tasty and Grimmace free (Click on grimmace if u don’t know what I’m on about). Anyway it was a good.


3 thoughts on “LAST BIG MAC

  1. so what u gonna do if we all go 2 macdonalds? stand outside in protest hehehe the only thing thats worth eating from them is macflurry anything they have cooked they’ve ruined qoted by my mother. can’t even make a deasent cup of tea qoted by my father. the music is good tho hehehe dah dah dah dah dah iam loving it. well i must be the nly 1 who like the music and loves the macflurry

  2. Jonko buster says:

    Yeah, the McFlurry and the Milk shakeTOP TIP CHOC TIPERS!If you get an After Eight McFlurry, put it in your milk shake. Verry Tasty and makes the milk shake extra thicker.

  3. mmmm i love their macflurry. ER GROSS NO WAY. thats discusting jonki never mix em sounds gross.

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