What a Great Night!

Last night the cell invited everyone who worked in a bar over Christmas and new years to go up there for a few drinks, and… well the guy who owns the cell last night could only be described as a legend or something! We had a great night in there and most of us got pissed. Not as many people turned up as there could have been, but it was great anyway!

A couple of other pubs turned up too, but the Wacky Mad Coliseum Crew mixed their drinks and talked about sex all night. Hehe, and then the boys and girls went their separate ways, Girls to the Garage, Boys to Dixie Chicken. Boys Dave, Andy And Jonk goes back to Jonk’s

Dave’s Drinks Tally:

9 VK
5 Corky Shots:
2 DBL JD & Coke
DBL Rum & Lemonade:
Various Unknown Shots mixed with either lemonade, Pepsi or VK: Rough estimate or about 8 shots

Andy’s Drink Tally:

5 Corky Shots
10 VK Cherry
Various Unknown Shots mixed with either lemonade, Pepsi or VK: Rough estimate of 10 shots (Includes mixing baileys and VK)

Jonk’s Drink Tally

13 VK
9 Corky Shots
Jonk did not have any unknown mixes
Before meeting in the cell, Jonk had 3 bottles of WKD and 3 VK with Gordon however the effects of this alcohol had worn off the time he got there.

On a pissed scale on 1-10

DAVE: 9/10 Dave had a lot of strong Drinks with shots in
ANDY: 7/10 Andy had more VK based drinks
JONK: 6/10 Jonk only occasionally mixed a corky with a VK

However, on a sick probability factor

DAVE: 7/10 Plenty of Dave’s drinks were high in alcohol, playing with his head
ANDY: 9/10 Andy Had Strong Drinks, and also mixed stuff like Baileys with VK
JONK 4/10 Jonk’s drinks were easy on the stomach and didn’t drink enough to mess his head.

Dave and Andy then finish Jonk’s Vodka (about half a 35cl each)

They get hungry and at 7 they go to the café in Queensbury. Dave’s coat is at home; Jonk Lets him borrow a Jacket and realizes Dave looks like one of the proclaimers

They go back to Jonk’s. Andy is sick outside Castle Bobskull. He goes about 10. Jonk and Dave talk and they fall asleep half way through a conversation till Dave has a phone call. Dave goes at 3

Jonk texts Caroline because she is ill and feels sorry 4 her because he wants to do something to make her batter.


One thought on “What a Great Night!

  1. hehehehehe daves had a makeover looks more like a geak now. sounds like u had a good night with the lads. I know someone who wanted to go bet u can’t guess who hehehe

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