Hello every1 and happy New Year!

Just a quick update

I have no proper Internet. I’m using my mobile as a modem at the moment… wow! The wonders of having a contract phone. 230.4kbps isn’t that bad is it? I have to keep reconnecting though. Bumpy start to the New Year, phone got nicked at the start so rang vodafone. Lost almost every1s numbers so, Gordon, get in contact. Got a replacement now, causing my phone bill to be £80! Oh my golly miss molly

Computer knacked up. Had to re install windows again, and put another hard drive in

Mad Uncle Gadget came back while my dad was up 4 Christmas. We also arranged to have the gas and electric in my name. Gas already want £30 by next Friday, they can go jump down that bottomless whole in that mountain on the way to Morcambe that Bob keeps showing me. Bob also came back while I had friends round this week and they were sleeping downstairs

Geordie and his girlfriend Claire were sleeping downstairs when Bob showed up. Bob thought id lost weight and thought that Claire was my girlfriends sister (Every 1 does and it annoys them. They look like sisters, and sound like they are by their names, Caroline & Claire, Sounds like twins)

I’ve also sent off loads of disks. Haven’t don’t a big disk send off since Christmas 2004. Since then I was in limbo till September, was waiting for some people to get back with some stuff, didn’t get it back so had to find some other way.

And since last Monday I had a real bad cold, got worse on Wednesday and Thursday thru till Saturday was bad. Got it from Clair when Caroline and me stayed at hers. Caroline now has it.

New year… New Thing

Off to bed. BOING


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